Teacher Training Programme


Submissions are now CLOSED for our 2022 Teacher Training Programme

We offer a year long bespoke Teacher Training course for Industry Professionals & Professional Singing Teachers who would like to know more about the Vocal Balance Technique and seek to become a qualified Vocal Balance teacher.

We offer:

  • An in-depth insight into good vocal technique delivered through online modules and outstanding workshops lead by Vocal Balance founders Julie and Richard.
  • The opportunity to work with other industry professionals in Mental Health, Vocal Health, Anatomy, Business and Life skills and Dialect coaching.
  • A structured method for lesson teaching and guidelines for monitoring the progress of every student.
  • The chance to become part of a teaching community which will provide support throughout the student’s learning and singing journey.

What is Vocal Balance?

  • Understanding your voice and it's 'tends to do's’'.
  • Technical flexibility and stamina.
  • Connecting to text, both as a necessity in itself and as a technical aid.
  • Permission to fail - playing, experimenting and experiencing.
  • Inclusive atmosphere.
  • Realising that singing is a 'function' as well as an 'art form' – not necessarily complicated but a physiological co-ordination none the less.


As a Vocal Balance practitioner you will be given the tools to start your journey as a Vocal Balance singing teacher led by highly acclaimed and qualified teaching staff who are teaching industry professionals at the top of their game on Broadway, in the West End, on International and National Tours, Cruise Ships and Fringe Productions.

To be considered for teacher training /  Is this course right for you?

  • You must be very diligent with your vocal practice and preparation.
  • You know how effective the Vocal Balance technique is and are interested in learning more.
  • Teaching is a viable option and (perhaps alongside your performing career) you have a natural affinity towards sharing the experience you have developed.
  • Must be willing to develop piano skills.

Please be aware we are currently only accepting a certain number of students on to our teacher training course. This is so we can ensure that all our trainees get the best training and experience possible.

We care about you as individuals and want to make sure that we meet your needs just as much as you fit our course criteria.

If you would like to register your interest in this course please complete the form below.

For general questions please email :  teachertraining@vocalbalance.co.uk


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