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Students preparing for Drama School

We will help you not only get a better balance to your voice technically but also advise you on repertoire choices and audition/interview techniques.
Our students are usually interested and talented in at least one area of ‘The Triple Threat’ (Dancing, Singing, Acting), sometimes only with experience of school and amateur productions. The range of talent we work with is huge, from excellent to very inexperienced, so don’t be afraid to see what we can help you with.

Drama School Students

You will probably be working extremely hard and there may not seem to be enough hours in the day, or you may not have enough contact time with your appointed singing teachers. As most Drama Schools still favour various other singing techniques, students are often confused about what they should be doing.

Musical Theatre Graduates

You may be in regular work on the West End, on Tour, on cruise ships or currently seeking work. Nevertheless, you need to be prepared - having regular lessons keeps your voice happy and healthy.

"Richard’s constant support & encouragement is effortless. He has a real ability to focus your voice, to stay true to your own sound & be completely honest to the meaning behind the words that you're singing. He continues to challenge you with a very personal approach. You are given the tools to take on any genre you desire."
Faye Brookes

Musical Theatre Actors

Whether you are successful within the Musical Theatre World or a proficient character actor with a strong voice, we want to help you to strive for excellence and find room to improve.

"My voice has never felt stronger, my range has increased, and I’m singing better than I ever have. ‘Vocal Balance’ has completely changed my outlook on singing. Julie has given me the ability to forget about the technical aspects of singing, allowing me to connect with what I’m singing thus improving my performance and confidence no end."
Tom Steedon

Classical Singers

Classical singing deals with the specifics and nuances of the human voice and to be successful you need to be in absolute control; being classically trained ourselves we intimately understand what you need to improve, maintain and move forward.

"As a classically trained soprano I have studied for hours upon hours with my voice, and I had many unanswered questions. Julie has answered all of these for me and taught and showed me the reasons behind these queries. I now understand my voice so much more and I’m able to make much better sounds with half the effort."
Amy Whittle

Professional Vocal Coaches

We offer opportunities for like-minded amateurs to come together and enjoy singing as part of an ensemble. Whether you are a complete beginner or an enthusiastic and active amateur singer, we will show you how to use your voice step by step.

"What a fantastic way to spend a weekend! Richard and Julie keep up a cracking pace, so be prepared to work hard. We also laugh a lot, eat a great meal both days and at the end there is a wonderful sense of achievement when we perform the pieces that we have learnt. Five star award from me!"
Lindsay Probert

Professional Performers

As a professional performer you will sometimes be asked to really work your voice for consistently long periods (eight shows per week or more). You also need to be extremely versatile with regard to your vocal style as the art of Musical Theatre covers many genres..

"Nothing compares to having control over your own voice and that is what Julie has given me. Along with her vast knowledge of how the voice works and her wonderfully patient and passionate approach to teaching Julie has truly changed my voice and given me the freedom to sing any genre, any song and really enjoy it!"
Chloe Hart


You! whatever stage you may be at!

We will help you not only get a better balance to your voice technically but also advise you on repertoire choices and audition/interview technique.

Our students are usually interested and talented in at least one area of 'The Triple Threat' (Dancing, Singing, Acting), sometimes only with experience with school..




We know you may not be so comfortable with your singing voices; many actors can be quite literally petrified to sing either in an audition or performance. Our simple, direct approach to using the voice as an instrument takes the mystery out of the technique and can give you the knowledge and confidence to improve your voice.

"The Vocal Balance technique is accessible, easy to understand and jargon free. It also produces results very quickly and Richard's teaching style is incredibly confidence boosting"
Phillip Labey

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