Vocal Balance for Musical Directors

1 Comment12 February 2021

In December 2020 we launched the first in our series of 'Vocal Balance for Musical Directors' courses. Led by co-founders Julie Gossage and Richard Halton along with Music Director Leo Munby, This two part workshop was an introduction to how the Vocal Balance technique can be incorporated into the work of a Music Director and the ways in which it can be effectively communicated to actors.

With a select few, the course covered a basic introduction to the Vocal Balance ethos and its methodology. We even included practical examples with a number of singers joining us for demonstrations.

We are thrilled at the response to this course and we are looking forward to expanding and developing more of these over the coming months.

A huge thanks goes to the Musical Directors that attended;

Joanne King

Nicole Johnson

Ben Garnett

Matthew Jackson

For more information or to express your interest in future MD courses please contact us on info@vocalbalance.co.uk