Teacher Training Partners - Andy Dunn

23 November 2020

We are delighted to welcome Andy Dunn to our teacher training team. Andy will be providing mentoring and workshops to our trainee teachers on ways to set up and develop their business models. Andy played a key role in developing the Vocal Balance brand and we can't wait for him to impart some of his knowledge expertise on to our students.

Andy Dunn - Business Coach

Andy Dunn is a thoughtful, inspiring and warm-hearted human, best known for his creative magic, infectious smile and uplifting nature. Andy is the founder and Director of Creators Club, a community for freelancers and creative business owners. To date he’s coached and mentored over 3000 creatives, entrepreneurs and business leaders, through to, artists, changemakers and youth leaders. He is also a leadership facilitator who works with the world’s biggest brands, including Adidas, Alexander McQueen, Santander and LSE; a gifted transformational coach, presenter, training expert and the Author of Searching With Purpose.

Personally, Andy is also a mental health advocate after navigating his own struggles with anxiety and depression, inspired to help people address the stigma around mental health and ensure wellbeing is at the heart of our working lives. Andy is local to Newcastle, London and loves to dance, practice yoga and improv for fun. Oh and you’ll often find him doodling plans and dreams in one of his many notebooks!