Teacher Training Partners - Ed Blake from PhysioED

5 November 2020

We are delighted to announce that as part of our teacher training programme, we will be joined by reknowned physiotherapist Ed Blake from PhysioED. Ed will be providing expert advice and workshops on the physiological and health side of the voice.

Ed Blake - Physio ED

Ed Blake is a Masters trained physiotherapist specialising in the treatment of muscle related vocal issues. He is the director and head clinician of the PhysioEd Medical physiotherapy practices in London. The clinics specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of voice and performance injuries, working closely for over twenty years with numerous stage, film and television productions. His research into muscle tension dysphonia management has pioneered and consolidated the manual therapy treatment principles and techniques used to optimise patient recovery. He lectures regularly on the academic circuit on the above topics and has many publications to his name in prestigious medical texts and journals. Ed is also an Honorary UCL lecturer for the MSc in Performing Arts Medicine.