Vocal Coaching via Video Call

1 CommentThursday, 12 March 2020  |  Admin

Our Vocal Balance teachers regularly continue to provide vocal coaching via video call, to artists who are on tour (UK and internationally), in regional theatre or in jobs across the globe.

Many of our clients have found this an extremely effective method to continue working on their voice or on specific material whilst away from London.

In light of recent events regarding COVID-19, should clients be effected by travel cancellations or have any concerns with travelling into central London for lessons, our coaches are more than happy to discuss 1-to-1 video call alternatives.

For more information please drop us an email.

Alison Eager
Sunday, 12 July 2020  |  21:59

Hi there,

My name is Alison eager and I am a professional dancer and musical theatre performer looking to learn more about your one-to-one lessons you have available! I am looking to strengthen my basic technique and gain more confidence and coping mechanisms for nerves during auditions, and well to become more competent singer. Can I ask your rates and what you might have available to suit my needs? Thank you so very much,

All the best,